Is now the time to take out Private Medical Insurance?

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live our lives and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Back in March, Covid-19 placed unprecedented pressure on the NHS and many private hospitals were requisitioned. The private sector happily stepped in to meet the demands the crisis placed on it.

Now that the government has successfully set up a national network of Nightingale Hospitals, private hospitals are less likely to be called upon in the future. For private patients, this means that there will be far less disturbance than for those on the NHS, which will remain on the front line as the pandemic continues.

With case numbers rising and local lockdowns being enforced – more regions being placed in Tier 3 of the government’s latest system of restrictions – this issue is likely to become more critical as we move into the winter flu season.

Speaking to a financial planner could help you decide whether Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is the right course of action. So get in touch now.

How can Private Medical Insurance help me?

The purpose of any private healthcare policy is to enable members to receive both the care and treatment they need, quickly and easily. To this end, insurers have enhanced their existing services so that members are still able to receive the full support they need during the pandemic

  • Virtual GP

Several providers offer virtual GP consultations that enable members to be referred to a specialist from the safety of their own homes.

BUPA has seen a 114% increase in the use of the Babylon GP service since the start of Covid-19.

  • Virtual Consultations

To maintain social distancing and protect vulnerable members, providers are now offering virtual specialist consultations.

This ensures that following a GP referral, members can access care with as little delay as possible.

  • Cancer Treatment at home

Unlike the NHS, private patients have always been able to have cancer treatment at home when appropriate.

This means that for treatments like chemotherapy and other drug-based treatments, private members are less likely to have interrupted care. This sadly hasn’t been the case for NHS patients, who have had their treatment delayed or stopped altogether.

  • In-patient hospital treatment

The NHS waiting list is forecast to balloon to an unprecedented 10 million people by the end of this year.

Thankfully, those patients with the support of private healthcare will be insulated from significant delays to treatment and, due to the Nightingale Hospitals, they are far less likely to experience delays as Covid-19 rates increase.

Get in touch

If you’ve been contemplating PMI but have not yet taken the plunge, now might be the right time.

Those with private healthcare are in a stronger position to receive fast and effective treatment than those relying on the National Health Service, especially under the current threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

We provide the expert financial advice you need, so if you’d like to discuss how PMI might fit into your long-term financial plans, get in touch. Please email or call 020 8891 0711.