Would you recommend Globe?

For our breadth and depth of advice, for our 'no-pressure' approach, our personal touch and the confidence that we inspire in our clients. These are just some of the reasons why our clients say that they would recommend us to others.


Would you recommend Globe?

Elizabeth Morton: 100 per cent, I would recommend John and David. On first meeting, they didn’t put any pressure on us to go with them, which I think is quite important. If there’s anyone out there looking for a financial adviser, I would just say go and see them. You won’t feel pressured or though you’re in a competition. It feels very friendly and in a way, I’d say coming here, we expected nothing but came away with everything.

Joan Ball: I can thoroughly recommend their expertise. And the personal touch, that’s more important; the personal touch.

Clive Harper:  I’ve got complete confidence in John and Globe and the backup at Globe. I really have no hesitation in recommending them to other people. I’ve recommended other people to John in the past and will continue to do so.

Peter Maple: I would recommend Globe whole-heartedly, for the breadth and depth of advice that they can provide.

Jeremy & Jan Chadwick: I would recommend Globe every time. In fact, funnily enough, this afternoon, I was chatting to somebody who’s doing some painting in our house and he was saying how he’s bothered about his pension set-up and I said “I know exactly the company you should be going to.” So I often, and have recommended people who have come to Globe following from my recommendation.

Both of our daughters have got mortgages on their first properties through Globe and friends I know, who over a beer you chat and I’ve said “Have a word with Garry, I’ve known him for years. He’ll give you impartial advice; whether you choose to take it or not is your lookout.” But yes, I have done so, and wouldn’t hesitate.

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Clive Harper

I've been a client of Globe since 1996. When I got made redundant I started my own consultancy business and I needed some advice on pensions, life assurance and all the things that you need if you're not gainfully employed. The good thing is John's been able to address both my business requirements with the consultancy work and also my personal requirements with pensions, life insurance and that sort of thing. The good thing I’ve found with dealing with John and Globe over the years is that they are very open. John particularly is a very open, very honest, likeable person. And so every investment we’ve ever done, every change of circumstances we’ve ever had, I’ve always had a lot of confidence in the fact that we were doing the right thing.

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