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Your financial needs will change throughout your life and at different stages. Our independent advisors specialise in helping people who are:

Building your wealth

If you’re coming up to the age when you want to retire, it’s essential that you have everything in place to achieve the retirement you want.

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In active retirement

It’s never too late to start financial planning; even if you’re already retired.

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In later life

We can help you to achieve financial security in later life, addressing concerns such as how to pay for care.

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US citizens

For US citizens who have been employed in the UK, or have a green card, we specialise in helping you to comply with US tax regulations.

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Whether you’re making your first step onto the property ladder, looking to move or buy a property to rent, our specialist advisors can help.

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Business owners

We can help to ensure that your business plays a part in your retirement planning. We can also help employers who want to provide employee benefits.

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What our clients say about us

We value our clients’ opinions and want to ensure that we continue to support them to achieve their financial goals. Results from our client survey in August 2019 show that:

Globe IFA were recommended to me and I have since recommended Michael. He is friendly, knowledgeable, professional and his advice is clear to understand!

Charlotte Wates, West London (Hanwell)

A client since 2018

Working with my IFA at Globe has certainly developed my understanding of many aspects of investment, whether that be the complicated "rules" around pensions or the strategies available for protection of my other investments against Inheritance Tax. I now actually feel safe that I am getting the best advice for my needs and not the benefit of the investment industry.

Neale Brooks, Reading

A client since 2010

We have been a client of Globe for many years and have always found the level of service and commitment exemplary.

Simon Riggall, Chiswick

A client since 2007

I have been a client of Globe IFA since I retired 7 years ago, and my wife also became a client about 4 years ago. We have been impressed with Globe's analysis of our financial and tax positions and their investment advice and recommendations, which have always been tailor-made for our specific circumstances (and have produced good returns over the years).

Graham Thomas Dent, Now Eastbourne (was Thames Ditton)

A client since 2012

We have worked with Globe IFA for 20 years and value their personal care for our financial wellbeing & proactive work on our behalf.

Margaret Coldiron, London

A client since 1999

I have no hesitation in recommending Globe IFA. They guided us through the SIPP process many years ago, and have continued to help map out our financial journey ever since - something that we’d have never managed alone and that has shaped our financial future.

Jeremy Chadwick, Teddington

A client since 2000

Thank you. I have recommended you to a couple of other friends.

S.M., Twickenham

A client since 2018

Thank you for your advice. With the benefit of hindsight, it was as good as we had hoped it to be.

T.P., Oxfordshire

A client since 2018

Garry Haywood is someone I can trust to advise on my financial affairs and his expertise provides real comfort.

David Judge, Tunbridge Wells

A client since 1999

Globe IFA (via Andrew Connolly) has given sound reliable and well-researched advice over the many years he's been handling my family trusts.

Frank Robin Richard Jackson, Wimbledon/Corsham

A client since 2003

Highly recommended: very efficient, easy to understand personal service without being overly complicated in a complex and sensitive subject.

Martin Frederick Bramley, Wanborough Near Guildford

A client since 1999

Knowledgeable experienced advisers who are readily contactable.

David Foxwell, Twickenham

A client since 2002

Very impressed with our investments' performance, thank you - wish you had been our adviser years ago.

P.T., Surrey

A client since 2019

I think that the remuneration you will receive is very reasonable indeed given the time, effort and thoughtfulness you have evidently put into considering all aspects of our problems.

C.B., London

A client since 2018

Always had excellent service from Tom Fawcett and very quick to respond to any query often anticipating any query, usually just after the statements are sent out, and sends me an email beforehand pointing out any problems or not.

Anthony Miles, Sutton

A client since 2001

For a good many years I have counted on Globe to give me sound financial advice, which has been effected in an efficient and friendly manner.

Sir Christopher John White, London NW1

A client since 1998

I was introduced to Tom when I first started out in my career. As my situation and needs have changed Tom has tailored his advice, always willing to take the time to explain and meet with me face to face to discuss my needs. I have 100% trust and confidence that my interests are put first and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tom or his colleagues.

Ruth Beadle, Wandsworth

A client since 2008

For me Globe IFA is a trusted partner, always there to support with appropriate and timeous advice. Having a knowledgeable experienced team at Globe IFA is greatly reassuring for me in these troubled times.

Andrew Nicholson, Accountant, Molesey

A client since 2006

Financial advice from Globe IFA has made us feel confident about our pension and other financial affairs. We have been able to completely trust our adviser to give sound and timely advice, both proactively and in response to our questions. Definitely a safe pair of hands. Angie and Brian Willman.

Angela Willman, Richmond

A client since 2015

As myself and my wife approached retirement we found ourselves needing advice on the various company pensions and other investments we had accumulated over our working lives. Globe gave us a clear understanding of our investment choices and arranged our pensions in a more structured easier to manage format. We found them straightforward to deal with and would recommend to anyone looking for financial advice.

Paul Bird, Feltham

A client since 2019

We have been with Globe now for more than 20 years, starting with AVC's, building up and ISA portfolio and finally now managing our pension arrangements. In every case, they have taken great care in ensuring that our attitude to risk was carefully managed and this has been reflected in the performance of our investments. Their very professional approach to the complex issues involved means that we would have no hesitation in recommending them to any new potential investors.

Robert Stuart Briggs, Dorset

A client since 1999

My experience with Globe Financial (and Tom Fawcett in particular) has been nothing short of excellent. I have known Tom for over 30 years and his advice, guidance and humour has made dealing with Globe a real pleasure. I would recommend the company - and Tom in particular - to anyone.

David Robinson, Horsham

A client since 2003

Globe IFA has advised us through several major financial decisions, including home-buying, remortgaging, self-employment and planning for our family's financial security. They have always offered us sound advice, and we know we can trust them to help us make the right decisions.

Lance Concannon, Worcester Park

A client since 2006

I have relied on Dave Holland and John Pickles for sound advice on my changing financial circumstances for many years. They always take time to discuss and understand my current situation at any time. I couldn't be happier with my sense of financial security this relationship has provided me.

Alan Johnson, London

A client since 1999

For years I have enjoyed sound prudent insightful advice and guidance from Tom that has consistently kept me ahead of the market and my peers. Additionally, when needed, extra relevant and timely expertise has been delivered at huge value and speed. In a world where everybody promises, these guys stand head and shoulders amongst all the noise by delivering results and desired outcomes without fail.

James Beagrie, Liphook

A client since 2005

I have had the pleasure of having John Pickles as my advisor for the last 14 years. He has been a great support to me while setting up my investments after my divorce. I felt very comfortable and informed, thanks to John's patience, thorough explanations and reassuring friendliness. I am kept up to date with the progress of my investments, and trust that John will keep an eye as well, advising on changes if necessary. Over the years, John's presence and help has been invaluable.

Mrs Isabelle Tilden, London

A client since 2008

Thank you so much Michael, this is all such a help. Great to have clarity.

S.D., Twickenham

A client since 2020

I have worked with Globe over decades and have always valued the independent advice and pragmatic suggestions that have been offered in response to my needs. I am overall very happy with the services that I have received.

Peter Maple, Teddington

A client since 2000

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98%of clients say working with us has helped them to achieve their financial goals.

98%of clients are satisfied with the quality of our review meetings.

96%of clients would recommend us to friends, family or colleagues.

Client stories

We know that our clients value our friendly, straightforward approach to providing financial advice. But don’t take our word for it! In the following videos, our clients share their experiences of working with us and explain how we’ve helped them to achieve their financial goals.

Clive Harper: A retired business owner

December 12, 2019

I've been a client of Globe since 1996. When I got made redundant I started my own consultancy business and I needed some advice on pensions, life assurance and all the things that you need if you're not gainfully employed. The good thing is John's been able to address both my business requirements with the consultancy work and also my personal requirements with pensions, life insurance and that sort of thing.

The good thing I’ve found with dealing with John and Globe over the years is that they are very open. John particularly is a very open, very honest, likeable person. And so every investment we’ve ever done, every change of circumstances we’ve ever had, I’ve always had a lot of confidence in the fact that we were doing the right thing.

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Elizabeth Morton: Planning for retirement

December 12, 2019

We'd been quite busy. My husband's an actor. He'd been working pretty much non-stop. I was working as a writer, but I had two children, so it was really juggling our careers. But we really weren't taking much care of our finances. We have a brilliant accountant, but the finances were something that we needed advice on.

We just needed to be a bit more sensible about how we manage our money and how we go forward into the future. I was nervous, but that's why we wanted to go with someone in our community. I think that that's quite important to us. So John and David have been fantastic, partly because they seemed to know when not to be intrusive in terms of managing our lives, but just feel like a steady hand in the background.

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Jeremy and Jan Chadwick: Business owners

December 12, 2019

We’ve been with Globe for 20-21 years and over those years there are a number of things that they’ve got involved in. Originally it was looking into a mis-sold pension that had happened in a former life. Garry resolved that and actually got us money back. We set up a SIPP and that’s been key to moving everything forward.

We really feel, because we’ve known them for so long, they understand where we’re coming from; they know what will benefit us and how it will benefit us, and we trust them to do that. Working with Globe, I always feel extremely reassured that we’re talking to right people; they’re very knowledgeable and very responsive as well. You feel that they’ve got your back.

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Joan Ball: Advising parents in later life

December 12, 2019

I’ve been with Globe and known Tom since 1999. Tom helped my parents and especially when they died he helped me sort out a lot of financial issues there. Tom has helped me immensely in all aspects of my financial life.

Anything that I’ve had a query with I just email and I get an answer. That’s the confidence that I love. My future is secure. I’ve got the confidence and reassurance, and along with that, the honesty and integrity that I find is very important.

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John Riley: Equity release advice

December 12, 2019

I first started working with Globe in January/February of 2019. The financial problem that we had as a family is that we've got a very large Victorian house, and therefore we would have problems with inheritance tax. And so to try and limit this as much as possible, through meeting Globe and James Male, I decided then to go into equity release.

James, and Globe as an operation, are streets ahead of the competition, which I saw previously. James' advice really has helped and taken a lot of pressure off my daughters. Working with Globe and James the last eight months really has just proved that there are professionals out there. Globe know what they're all talking about and make you feel at ease.

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Peter Maple: Advice throughout the decades

December 12, 2019

I’ve been working with Globe for some decades. I’ve worked with Garry for a very long time but I’ve always found the support from other members of staff; be it specific advice in particular areas such as mortgages, or replacement mortgages, and certainly the back-office support I think is excellent.

The sorts of problems that Globe have helped me with have been the full range of individual and family finances from mortgages and life assurance through investments and even estate planning and help will-writing and getting all the detail right.

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About us

Our clients value our professional advice, delivered in a friendly, relaxed and straightforward manner. With empathy and integrity, we focus on guiding our clients to achieve their financial goals both now and in the future.

Meet the team

Established in 1994 by Garry Haywood, Globe Independent Financial Advisors (Globe)
has flourished into a firm of highly qualified independent financial advisors. Across the team, we have over 200 years’ experience of the financial services profession.

Garry Haywood

Managing Director

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John Pickles

Director and Independent Financial Advisor

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Tom Fawcett

Director and Independent Financial Advisor

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Andrew Connolly

Chartered Financial Planner

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James Male

Mortgage Advisor

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Mandy Palmer Wilson

Mortgage Advisor

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David Holland

Independent Financial Advisor

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Michael Blosse

Independent Financial Advisor

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Rachel Connolly

Trainee Advisor

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Jane Hilsum

Office Manager

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Laura Duffy


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