There are two main types of life assurance

It’s called life ASsurance not life INsurance, because you can be assured that – one day – everyone will die. You have a choice of life assurance that pays out on death, whenever that may be, or life assurance that pays out at the end of a particular period of time (or death if that occurs earlier).


Life assurance is useful even if you have no dependents

If anyone depends on your earnings for their security, life assurance is essential. Either way, life cover helps your loved ones by making sufficient money available to tidy up your affairs, quickly, after you die.


Life assurance pays out tax-free cash

If you have a loan or mortgage that needs to be paid off at a known time, you can combine life assurance with a savings plan that will generate a tax-free sum, just when you need it. Similarly, the pay-out on death is tax-free, and can be used to pay inheritance tax or bequeathed to nominated beneficiaries.


Life assurance can be combined with other forms of protection

You can combine life assurance with other products to help maintain your standard of living in times of hardship:

Critical illness cover: Protection in case you are unable to earn your usual salary due to long-term illness, disease or disability.

Income protection: Insurance that provides income or pays your mortgage interest or other outgoings if you become incapacitated or get made redundant.

Health insurance: Insurance to cover the cost of hospital treatment in case you suffer ill-health.


We can help!

Everyone has a degree of responsibility to themselves and their dependants. If the worst happens, have you got sufficient cover to protect the standard of living for yourself and your family?

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